Running with scissors since 1970-something... Stay whimsical. Be incredible. Journey hard.

These quotes are a collection of daily thoughts, curiosities, ideas, challenges, and questions I’ve had in my journey. I am always quick to write them down, and have found tremendous encouragement and inspiration when reflecting on them. What starts in my journal often lands in my writings.

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We are responsible for the relationships in our lives. Not for the things we can get out of them for our own success, but for the ways we can invest in them towards their success. At the end of the day, everyone wins. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 13 April 2018

Bad leaders can only bring you down if you allow them to. The character established in you holds fast to the integrity that made it. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 15 July 2018

There is a significant difference between the complaints of someone who is dissatisfied and the cries of someone who is desperate. Influencers know the difference. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 31 July 2018

Work stress is both contagious and curable. It is the responsibility of leadership to find the remedy. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 13 August 2018

Traversing the vagueness of patience is more about perspective and priorities than it is about waiting and wondering. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 22 August 2018

What do you not know that is keeping you silent? – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 13 November 2018

What makes grace so incredible is not that God gives it so freely, it's that he knows what we’ll do with it and he still gives it anyway. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 28 November 2018

You may see "some[thing]" as the next chapter in your story... a move, a promotion, a venture, a calling. What if God sees something different, something bigger and better? Nothing hinders movement like tunnel vision.. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 29 November 2018

True servant leaders show that their team members work with them and not for them. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 14 December 2018

Leaders who value the revenue their people bring more than the relationships themselves will ultimately be left with no revenue or relationships. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 20 December 2018

Sometimes it’s harder to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made than it is to accept that God has already forgiven us. My friend... You. Are. Forgiven. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 5 May 2019

You’ll never know true purpose if you’re living your life to make a point rather than make a difference. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 7 May 2019

Why do so many leaders feel like they have to have an answer for everything? It is not a sign of weakness to admit that you don't know. Behaving like you know it all is a travesty of servant leadership. – Jim [Ed] Hardaway, 1 July 2019