Running with scissors since 1970-something... Stay whimsical. Be incredible. It's your story.


This self-described completist gets a kick out of persevering bicycle history by building and restoring 80s BMX bikesunder the banner "Gym Ed's Bike Shop." He also enjoys writing, junking, collecting, traveling, creative design, and listening to his growing vinyl record and cassette collection from the 70s and 80s.

Okay, what else? Jim [Ed]'s birthday is the same as Elvis Presley's (Jan 8), and he should have been an original cast member in The Goonies. He is a direct descendant of Tapley Holland who fought in the Battle of the Alamo... Viva Tejas!! Jim [Ed] is opposed to double-dipping, and skinny dipping for that matter. He craves Sour Patch Kids more than chocolate, and would rather live with the McFlys than the Buellers.

Without question this dude could eat tacos every single day of the week. Jim [Ed] is proud of the super rad Indiana Jones shrine in his office, and the fact that he did the Truflle Shuffle at the Goonies house in Astoria, Oregon. If he were a superhero, which is not entirely impossible, he would be Batman. The cape is doable if he could just get the iconic car.

On a serious note...

Jim [Ed] has worked with people as an influencer for over 30 years through non-profit organizations and church ministry, specializing in relational marketing and people management. He is a strong believer in the power of story and is the creator of the inspirational short film "Jimmy's Time Traveler", and author of the whimsical book "That Dang Red-Headed Preacher's Kid!—Episodes from My Whimsical Childhood." He also advocates for children in poverty around the world through his work with Compassion International.

Jim [Ed] is always anticipating the next big idea and adventure... He and his wife live in the gateway to the hill country in the great state of Texas.

On a whimsical note...

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